When the Bough is Broken

Awakened by slashing sounds of charging forces
I discover giant claws changing my landscape,
chaos on the horizon, nature being shifted,
foundations shaking, gutted earth gaping,
a new path appears – the price of dream making.

In the shaded afternoon spot under the walnut tree,
where I collected the mail and squirrels gathered nuts,
the lacy limbs bearing first fruits are stripped,
ground to dust and carried away; my heart is bruised.
I feel the yank of the roots being forced from the earth.
Where will the mockingbird perch in the evening?
Where will the towhees sing their morning call?

“Nothing is lost” my friend whispers softly, “Nothing is lost.”
With a slow shake of my head I reply,
“Though much is changed, much is changed.”

earth mover.jpg


3 thoughts on “When the Bough is Broken

  1. losing a tree is like losing a friend… a part of the cycle of life. But it still involves some degree of grieving. pat



  2. Too much bulldozing resonates here in growth-happy central NC. However, citizen attendance last evening at a zoning hearing forestalled for at least a time the uprooting of a “champion white oak,” a venerable specimen 36 inches in diameter. There’s no perfect solution, and change always comes. The trees, I believe, though, deserve more consideration than they’ve often been getting.


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